2nd International Summer School on Deep Learning 2018


23th — 27th July 2018, Genoa, Italy
Organized by: University of Genova IRDTA - Brussels/London

GENOA and Deep Learning Genoa is a dynamic city that with The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Erzelli technological park, but also thanks to the multitude of companies on new technologies, is opening up to the dynamics and the new perspectives of the technological future. The Deep Learning school wants to insert itself in this context of dynamism and innovation and has chosen Genoa to establish the primacy that the city can acquire in the specific sector in the next years.
The civic administration of Genoa has enthusiastically welcomed this project by collaborating in its realization.The prestige that an initiative of this level brings to Genoa is such that the Mayor in first person will open the conference works, welcoming the numerous guests; in fact, a significant event is expected both in terms of expected numbers and for the topic as much as possible. Press and media will in fact be pre-alerted for the importance of the event and the actors that will gravitate around it. In recent decades we have witnessed a growing investment by all economic sectors in the acquisition of ever larger volumes of data and this led to the coining of the term Big-Data. It is estimated that the amount of data that will be produced in 2018 globally will amount to about twenty zettabytes, where a zettabyte, also referred to as ZB, corresponds a number of characters (or bytes) difficult to imagine consisting of equal to a 1 followed from 21 zeros. Most of the data that is produced is stored in the cloud or in data servers and only a small fraction of the information contained in it can be used through conventional processing techniques. The implicit informational content of such data can be transformed into an asset of enormous value for companies, but to extract the most valuable content from big-data it is necessary to employ the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques, based on machine learning. Analysts point to artificial intelligence as a major technological challenge that can open new scenarios for companies and which could double the growth rate of developed economies (including Italy) by 2035 and increase labor productivity in increments until at 40%. DeepLearn2018will take place in Genoa, the capital city of Liguria, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and this will be an opportunity to discover the wonders of the Ligurian territory like Portofino, San Fruttuoso di Camogli, etc

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